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It all started with a simple sentence: "Meet me here for coffee!" The idea behind Let's Coffee is a bar  specializing in boutique coffee, where friends and loved ones can gather over a cup of coffee, food and music. This is what Let`s Coffee is all about.

Our passion is to make your experience one of a kind, and we express this passion through our distinctive coffee that is unlike any other! Our bar offers a variety of coffee options for all our customers and coffee enthusiasts. We offer a wide selection of blends and single origins that will undoubtedly meet your needs. We are more than happy to customize your coffee up to your preferred taste!

Having your cup of coffee at Let`s Coffee includes choosing your desired espresso coffee beans, choosing your favorite method of brewing, and having it served to you while you enjoy watching it  being made from scratch!

Let`s Coffee

Let`s Coffee

Standard Coffee profile

As a coffee bar, let`s Coffee aims to offer a variety of coffee beans: single origins and in-house blends. We offer espresso based blend coffee, decaf blends, organic beans, and single origins.

Our goal is to offer you a cup of coffee that you want! Our coffee beans are sourced and roasted by local and international roasters. We aim to maintain a standard profile of coffee beans that we choose with the highest quality and add few coffee beans that are selected based on seasonality.

Let`s Coffee

Unique Coffee Drinks

At let`s Coffee, we aim to offer unique and exceptional coffee and manual brewing methods. We introduce coffee drinks and flavors for a limited period of time to have you enjoy varied flavors throughout the year. Our manual brewing methods are unique in terms of how we brew our pour over coffee and our cold brew machinery! Visit us to know more about our unique touch, whether in coffee drinks or brewing methods. 

Get  Caffeinated in Your Dietary Life Style!

There is no sane need for you to skip your caffeine dose just because you are following a diet! At Let`s Coffee Bar, we offer a variety of milk alternatives and vegan options along with other dietary life styles. If you have any questions or any allergies, please inform one of our baristas to assist you.